• Michael Brenner’s Top Content Marketing Predictions For 2016

    November 24, 2015

    Well it’s that time of year again. It’s time for content prognosticators and marketing futurists to get out their crystal balls and start predicting the biggest trends for content marketing for 2016. I have done my own predictions post every year as well. While I have been right about as much as wrong, I think I’ve


  • Real Time Marketing For Social Media: Integrating Large Scale Events

    When there is a popular trend or a large-scale event happening around the world, and a brand joins the conversation and pushes it forward, that is known as real-time marketing. But does real-time marketing on social media really work? Yes, it works better on social media because you can get your message across much more


  • How PR + Marketing Can Work Together On Content Marketing Campaigns

    November 23, 2015

    Content marketing campaigns cannot exist within the marketing bubble at your company. Instead, they have to be all encompassing, and involve employees on every level and in every division.  One department that should be closely tied to marketing is public relations. When the two teams collaborate, they can create content marketing campaigns that are going


  • Turning Your Old Content Into High Traffic Gold

    Blogging is like breathing to me. I’m in a state of constantly writing blog posts across a wide variety of sites, so I know what it is to feel the pressure of finding ideas and writing great stuff that doesn’t completely suck. When I hear the excuse “but it’s so hard to create all that