• The Future Of Sales Requires Thinking Like A Marketer

    August 27, 2015

    I might sound like a broken record when I say this, but I can’t stress enough that people aren’t buying the way they used to anymore. Forward-thinkers keep warning us that things are changing in the business world with the rise of the “empowered customer.” And a 2012 CEB study hammered home that point when


  • 4 Ingredients To Increase Landing Page Conversions

    At the Turing Festival’s #FullStack15 in Edinburgh last week, Unbounce cofounder Oli Gardner stole the show with his closing keynote using one of Scotland’s greatest pop culture exports – the film Trainspotting – to explain the four key pillars of creating a successful landing page that converts or drives leads.  Oli Gardner’s Four Corners of


  • 3 Ways To Capitalize On The Rise Of Visual Storytelling

    August 26, 2015

    While the average adult reads at the rate of 300 words per minute, MIT neuroscientists have found that the human brain can process an image at the rate of 13 milliseconds. Though both text and imagery hold value for marketers, using imagery to effectively reach your audience within milliseconds is a no-brainer. Are you even still


  • Is Content Marketing Ineffective?

    This may seem like an odd article coming from someone who makes their living in the content marketing world. But when I say that content marketing doesn’t work, it’s true. It doesn’t work for many companies because they either have the wrong expectations or the wrong creation and promotion strategies. And when content marketing isn’t deployed correctly,