Today, the Chicago Tribune introduced its new Digital Members-only content section in partnership with NewsCred. The exclusive section on provides journalism from the Tribune’s own newsroom as well as curated news and editorial content from world-class publishers such as the Chicago Tribune. Through NewsCred’s syndication and curation technology, the Chicago Tribune’s registered Digital Members will now be able to access some of the most relevant business and finance news. The Tribune is leveraging the additional editorial content to incentivize users of to join the Digital Membership program.

Like all of NewsCred’s partnernships, the new Chicago Tribune section is a positive step for the industry as a whole. Readers get access to high quality journalism from a greater variety of sources. Publishers receive the benefit of added revenue from wider circulation of their content. The Tribune will now be able to provide a more innovative and informative content section to its readers, all the while adding value to the rapidly evolving journalism ecosystem.

NewsCred works with publishers and brands to create unique and engaging content experiences that enhance a publication’s existing coverage scope through fully-licensed text articles, videos and images from 800+ news organizations. Brand and publisher sections powered by NewsCred include New York Daily News, Orange Telecom, Pepsi and Zurich Insurance.

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