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Joshua Tree National Park (Eric Gillingham/Flickr)

Search continues to outpace any other uses of the Internet, says a new study published by Pew InternetMar. 9. More than half of Americans perform an online search each day, and the vast majority of these people are satisfied with their experience. Moreover, the study revealed that:

  1. When it comes to search, Google is preferred -- by 83 percent of users.
  2. And trusted -- Sixty-six percent of users believe search results are unbiased.
  3. Users are getting the knack of things -- Fifty-six percent of searchers are confident in their abilities.
  4. And, unlike Bono, usually find what they're looking for -- Ninety-one percent say they find what they're looking for at least "most of the time," up from 87 percent in 2004.

While comfortable with search, the study also revealed the public's discomfort -- 73 percent say it is "not okay" -- with the their search queries being recorded, even if they are used to improve search results. For Google, a company that employs search logs to inform its search process, this is a particularly tricky issue. This spring, the company launched a PR campaign, "Good to Know," to buffer themselves from potential criticism.

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