Is everyone hanging out without you?

By Claire • NewsCred Blog • Feb 03, 2012

Mindy Kaling, writer and star of The Office (NBC), recently released a memoir titled, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? As it turns out, she might be on to something.

According to a study released today by the PEW Research Center, on average, your Facebook friends have more friends than you do. The average person evaluated in PEW's study had 245 Facebook friends, whereas the average friend of a study participant had 359 Facebook friends. Just 10 percent of those surveyed had more than 780 friends.

This data, however, doesn't mean the majority of users are destined to be alone. Kaling, a self-described "wallflower" in high school, now has 20,209 likes on her Facebook page. Fortunately, for the average person, the recipe for success online and off isn't as difficult as securing a chair at the popular lunch table or snagging a spot on the varsity football team. Kaling writes:

"There are basically two ways to get where I am: (1) learn a provocative dance and put it on YouTube; (2) convince your parents to move to Orlando and homeschool you until you get cast on a kids' show, or do what I did, which is (3) stay in school and be a respectful and hardworking wallflower, and go to an accredited non-online university."

In the event that one of these suggestions don't improve your popularity by the time your next high school reunion rolls around -- although employment data suggests that at least one of them will -- you can always pull a "Romy and Michele": tell everyone you invented Post-its.


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