Replacing the Google News API

By Shafqat • Shafqat Islam/NewsCred CEO • Dec 28, 2011

For years, developers relied on the Google News API as a platform to integrate news into applications and web services. Earlier this year, however, Google announced that their News API would be deprecated, along with a number of other search APIs.

Over the past few months, we've been welcoming users of the Google News API who are looking for alternatives. Since we get a lot of common questions about the NewsCred News API, I thought I'd highlight some of our key features as you decide on the suitable alternative to the Google News API for your application needs:

1. Content -- NewsCred's API offers two types of content of access:

  • Aggregated headlines and excerpts: Similar to the Google News Search API, we offer developers the ability to query (search) for news headlines and display those headlines along with a short excerpt (usually one or two sentences).
  • Full-text news search: Unlike the Google News API, we let developers access fully-licensed, full text news articles from 750+ news source around the world. In these cases, you can display the full text of the article on your site or application.

2. Commercial Use -- Both the headline service as well as the full-text content can be used for commercial purposes. Contact us at for pricing and a unique access key. Using the developer access key in our quickstarts, you won't get access to full-text articles.

3. Search versus query -- Our API allows full search capabilities, but also the ability to query by topic ("Barack Obama"), category ("Business"), source ("The Economist"), and more. We have 60,000 pre-curated topics that can be used to get high precision results.

4. Images and videos -- Our API allows for search on other media asset types. For now we support images and videos. Similar to articles, we have aggregated content (YouTube videos, CC-licensed images) as well as "premium" multimedia content (images from Reuters, videos from Bloomberg).

5. Clustering -- Similar to the Google News API, you can use the NewsCred API to get back clusters of news (called "news stories.") 

6. Output format -- Similar to the Google News API, we offer JSON output, as well as RSS, XML and even CSV. Generally speaking, we are able to provide a full replacement to the Google News API so we welcome developers who want to try out the NewsCred API to get in touch. Best of all, for non-commercial use, you can use our API for free.


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