Trust is a funny thing…

By Shafqat • NewsCred Blog • Jan 23, 2008

Every day, we are prepared to drive (or walk) to work and trust the hundreds of people on the roads. The guy who comes to a stop at the intersection. The woman driving the car next to you who uses her indicator correctly. We know nothing about these people, have never spoken to them, and will never see them again. Yet, we fully trust them. We then arrive at work and often seem to leave that feeling of trust outside the entrance. We ask people to keep us updated. Provide status reports. We phone each other to ensure we're doing our jobs correctly. We're always 'just following up to see where we are.' This is something I thought a lot about when I spent long days at the office at my corporate job. Where does this trust go? Trust is a funny thing when we can trust complete strangers yet not trust the people we work with every single day. Can we trust journalists? Of course we can. The vast majority go out of their way to report the facts. They strive to maintain a mutual trust between writer and reader. Unfortunately, there are always going to be a few who spoil it for everybody. We see NewsCred as a means of honoring this mutual trust - we want to celebrate journalists and news organisations who live up to the highest standards. But we also want to hold them accountable, and expose those who have taken advantage of the trust their readers have placed in them. It is our hope that instead of finger pointing, this will lead to an improvement in the quality of news so that we can all enjoy better, more credible content. I truly believe that in such a scenario, we all win.


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