12 Highlights from the Content Marketing Summit 2013

By Lyndsey • NewsCred Blog • Jul 31, 2013

Image: NewsCred

NewsCred's first-ever Content Marketing Summit brought together an impressive crowd of content creators and brand leaders. Of course, the biggest news was the announcement you have all been waiting for... In a surprising move, our CEO Shafqat Islam announced NewsCred's Content Marketing Cloud, a revolutionary new platform for content marketers.

Obviously, we thought our announcement was the highlight of the day, but to be quite frank, it wasn’t without some close competition! Below are 12 highlights, in chronological order:

1. AOL's David Shing woke up anyone who had skipped coffee with his energetic opening presentation. He yelled, "Please God! Stop calling it second or third screen; it's clearly the first screen!"(Watch the video)

2. Buzzfeed President and COO Jon Steinberg took a similar tone as he dismissed “old-media” techniques, like banner ads and slideshows, and listicle haters in one fell swoop. (Watch the video) 

3. General Electric’s Linda Boff was the first person of the day to mention Vine, which she illustrated through videos like #6SecondScienceFair and #AppleDrop. (Watch the video)

4. Dell’s Rishi Dave reminded the room that content is an appreciating asset, not a marketing expense, and that the topic and quality is more important than where it comes from. (Watch the video)

5. In a panel about real-time marketing, Ogilvy’s Otto Bell said “Bad content is like a bad haircut, everyone knows it but you.” (Watch the video)

6. Getty Images' Pam Grossman shocked the room with how the popular opinion of women has shifted from a “polished” representation to a more “authentic” depiction. (Watch the video)

7. American Express’ Scott Roen cautioned against a one-size fits all strategy, as content doesn’t always work across all platforms, and praised the success of the OpenForum LinkedIn integration. (Watch the video)

8. LinkedIn’s Jon Williams echoed the message of creating valuable, helpful content to engage consumers in their day-to-day lives, noting that people “spend time” on social networks but they “invest time” on professional networks like LinkedIn. (Watch the video)

9. In a panel discussion, Target’s Eric Hausman said the next step for the company would be a simplified mobile shopping strategy, while Barney’s Daniella Vitale stressed that her focus was on real personalization in mobile and digital. (Watch the video)

10. Shafqat Islam, our CEO, announced the Content Marketing Cloud and the crowd went wild! (Learn More)

11. TED Talks’ Ronda Carnegie explained the evolution of a TED Talk and how everyone has a story – the key is finding the best way and person to tell it. (Watch the video)

12. Fernando Machado told us about the creative process behind the Dove "Real Beauty" campaign, which garnered over 170 million views and over 4 billion (!) impressions. (Watch the video)

As you can tell, the day was jam packed with incredible insights and inspiring speakers. Let's not forget the night cap though. The day came to an end with an awesome after party hosted by Bombay Sapphire in the Penthouse of the New Museum.

Want to know more about what happened at the Content Marketing Summit? Check out our Storify!

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