How to Create Content for Prospects Who Are Too Busy to Read

By Belinda Summers • Business2Community • Oct 03, 2013

How to Create Content for Prospects Who Are Too Busy to Read image How to create content for prospects who are too busy to read DONE3

Information overload – it’s the calamity that destroys any audience’s chances of capturing true and useful content amongst a flashflood of online information. There is just too many stuff floating around in the internet that the really good ones get lost in the mud.

Marketers are very much aware of the problem that this poses, and unless their manner of delivering content is made to outshine the rest, the very purpose of content marketing is in peril. What’s the use of creating content if no one is attracted enough to check it out?

According to LookBookHQ, a content marketing firm, companies must focus on accessibility and excellent storytelling to make their content stand out from the mediocre ones. By creating a quality package of content, marketers can influence marketers (the smart ones, hopefully) to determine which content is worthy of their precious, busy time.

Everyone loves multimedia – According to their findings, content that include multimedia get 77% more responses compared to text-only posts. It’s not really much of a surprise – with the ever-evolving internet experience we’re enjoying, multimedia is the next big thing.

Straightforward and concise – It may be a shock to know that 79% of online readers skim or scan over text instead of reading word by word. For your content not to be treated like this you have to bank on an eye-catching headline and a style of writing that would hook them right from the start. As long as it carries the message through, it doesn’t have to be lengthy.

Outstanding and memorable – They estimated that regular netizens see about 5,000 marketing messages per day. That’s a lot of information, and if your content is indistinguishable from all the other stuff they see online, your company will be drowned in the noise. Always look for more creative and memorable angles in telling your story. A piece that was able to move a person will always stand out in memory, no matter how crowded it may be.

Make it easy to find – A whopping 700,000 Google searches are performed every 60 seconds online. People are always searching for something, and most of the time they don’t really know what it is they’re looking for. Your content must be structured, polished and packaged in a way that people will easily (and consistently) find it, appreciate it and remember it.

This content originally appeared Lead Generation Marketing Blog.


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