How Wix Creates Content Marketing That Puts Small Business First

By Kylie Jane Wakefield • NewsCred Blog • Jun 09, 2014

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“In order to engage your audience and drive them to subscribe and share your content, you need to make sure that you’re providing real value, and that’s exactly what we aim to do,” says Wix's Vered Avrahami. “In our social channels and blogs, our goal isn’t to shoot for a quick sale, but rather to start a conversation, provide tools and inspiration, address questions and most importantly lay the foundation for an ongoing relationship.”

Wix, a cloud-based website building platform, was founded in 2006, and eight years later, it boasts 48 million users worldwide, with one million more signing up each month. The success of the company, in part, is due to its strategic and smart content marketing efforts. According to Avrahami, the community and communications director for Wix, the company produces blogs, videos, infographics, webinars, and in-depth articles for their target audience.

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An in-house staff of writers and social media specialists creates Wix’s content, which includes a frequently updated blog. There are categories comprised of tips for small business owners, information on photography, website promotion, and web design, as well as trending topics across the site. Their audience is mostly comprised of small business owners, entrepreneurs, and freelancers who want to promote themselves or their businesses online.

“A blog is a great platform for supporting our users, providing them with valuable information that can make a difference in today’s competitive online business environment," says Avrahami.​ "The web is a dynamic and constantly changing place, and we see it as our job to not only talk about the Wix platform, but also inform our community about all the latest developments so they can stay on top of their game.”

A recent post, titled “The ABC’s of Driving Traffic to Your Website,” details how users can receive more website visitors by utilizing Wix apps, adding an Instagram feed, and building online credibility through forums and guest blogging. Wix focuses heavily on the needs of it's consumer, but also lets them play a feature role in "Wix Stories": an entire page of video content telling the start up tales of their customers. Great content marketing with your clients at the forefront is a solid example of why Wix's strategy has been so successful. 

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Avrahami says that when Wix built its blog back in 2007, “we sometimes felt we were talking to about 3.4 readers.” She says it could be discouraging, and that they made their share of mistakes such as, “not yet realizing whom our audience was, what our users were interested in and how to engage them in a conversation.”

In order to cultivate their following, Wix had to learn about exactly what kind of content their audience craved. “We've grown a lot over the years," Avrahami says, "but all the knowledge we have today comes from the hands-on experience of talking to our users and understanding what they need and want.”

Along with producing targeted posts, Wix puts in real face time with its audience to figure out who they are and what they’re interested in learning about. The company regularly organizes meet ups in Los Angeles, London, Austin, Moscow, Rio de Janeiro, and Paris and provides “Wix Lounge,” a free co-working and events space, in New York City. They’re set to launch another lounge in San Francisco this year.

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Wix also has a big presence on social media. On their main pages, they have 246k followers on Twitter, 1.8 million likes on Facebook, 24 million views on their Google+ site, and 881k channel views on YouTube. Their content can be consumed in six different languages, which is fitting for the company that has offices in Tel Aviv, San Francisco, New York, Dnepropetrovsk, and Vilnius.

As Wix’s online presence has blossomed, so has the site’s content strategy. “We’re proud we’ve been able to grow and evolve with the changing landscape and the growing community," says Avrahami. One of the key takeaways Avrahami and her staff have learned is that is not every platform is a good fit for every brand. They dedicate their time to platforms that pay off. “We want to invest our time and efforts where our real users are,” she says.


By Kylie Jane Wakefield, NewsCred Contributor
Images via Wix

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