Today we launched The Power of Visual Storytelling, an interactive, responsive microsite in collaboration with Getty Images. As our Brand Marketing and Communications manager, I oversaw the creation of this project — working closely with our fantastic designer, Jeremy Ford, collaborating with our writer, and polishing the final product. The project was a labor of love but also illustrates why I entered the world of marketing.

I studied photography in college, worked in a gallery, and even founded a company focused on emerging artists. So, what lead me to where I am now? I was inspired by the concept of content marketing. The fact that marketing and advertising is turning into something that motivates, educates, and entertains audiences. That brands are now collaborating with incredible creators to make meaningful content. 

Because of this shift, visual content is more important than ever. In fact, 83 percent of all human learning is visual, and the marketing world is catching on.

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The project that we launched today with Getty Images is pretty meta: a piece of visual content that explains the power of visual content, and how to get it right. The idea behind it developed organically: NewsCred has a long-standing relationship with Getty Images. They've been a content partner for years (all of our blog images – and many of our clients’ come from Getty Images) and Getty Images’ Director of Visual Trends, Pam Grossman, spoke at our first Content Marketing Summit. We wanted to create something beautiful together, that conveyed the power of visual imagery, but also provided tactical takeaways for marketers to thoughtfully select imagery for their campaigns. It took us a couple months, a lot of thought and late nights, and many laughs to create this piece. Here’s what we learned:

Get design involved early on 

Thoughtfulness is essential when it comes to design. When we were working on this project with Getty Images, our designer was included in the very first meetings. This gave him the space to think through the look and feel of the site and also allowed him to contribute a unique perspective to how the content was shaped. After all, the piece is about visual storytelling. 

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Act like a team

Overall, this project was extremely collaborative. We worked closely with Getty Images to shape the story – interviewing key players on their teams, such as Pam Grossman and Micha Schwing. We had frequent check-ins and Getty Images was an extension of our marketing team for the duration of this project. This workflow between us drove a ton of creativity along the way.  

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Get external feedback 

Sometimes when you are so close to a project, it is easy to lose perspective. With this microsite, we gave a number of people a "sneak peak" and solicited feedback. This unbiased response helped shape the project into something better than what it could have been if it lived exclusively in our heads. 

We are so excited to unveil our “Power of Visual Storytelling” microsite and the accompanying report with case studies from some of our favorite brands. We hope designers, artists, and marketers alike will let us know what they think and what they’ve learned on Twitter @NewsCred using the hashtag #PowerOfVisual.


By Erika Velazquez, ‎Brand Marketing & Communications Manager, NewsCred
​All images from the "Power of Visual Storytelling" via Getty Images